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Online Encryption Services

KF-CIPHER Produce Online Encryption Services For any kind of files PDF Protection and Text Encryption. in Easy Steps you Can Secure and Protect your files ,your Messages with Strong Encryption Algorithm AES.

with our Encryption Service your Files,Your Text Messages is safe from save any copy on our servers. and Also no Password saved , so you Can't Retrieve Your Password.

Online Security and Domain Tools

KF-Cipher Also Produce Useful Online Security Tools. Such as SSL Certificate Checker Service.This service enables you to verify SSL certificates. for any website and gives you complete information about this certificate. in terms of the issuer, date of issue, its validity period and information about the encryption algorithm used.other Services like Domain IP to get the IP Address for any Domain . IP Location to Get the Geographical Location for Specified IP Address . Whois Server Lookup . Hashing Encryption to Get Hash Value for Text with Strong Hash Functions Such as SHA512 , MD5 , SHA256 . Password Generator and Password Strength Checker.

KF-Cipher Application

KF-Cipher Desktop Application you can Download it to your PC.Download KF-Cipher APP for free to Encrypt your Files with any type with AES Algorithm with 128 Key Bit Length CBC mode , PBE (Password Based Encryption).with KF-Cipher Application Protect your Files Offline without need to upload it to Kfcipher web Application.with important Note you can Decrypt the Files Encrypted with KF-Cipher WEB APP 128 BIT Key by KF-Cipher Desktop APP.

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Protect your Files

in Easy Steps Secure any File Type by Encrypt it with AES Algorithm -128,192,256 Key Length and Password. with using for PBE (Password Based Encryption).HMAC and CBC Mode

File Unprotect

Decrypt Your Encrypted Files they Encrypted with Our File Encryption Service. to Unlock your Encrypted Files to return to use it.

PDF Protection

with this Service you can Encrypt your PDF Files. with AES Encryption Algorithm with 128 Bit Key Length. by add Password or prevent content copy and Print.

Text Message Encryption

Secure Your Mail Message by Encrypt it easily and Strong with AES algorithm ,HMAC,PKDF and PBE with CBC Mode for Very Strong Encryption

Domain IP

You Can Get the IP Address for any Domain name just enter the Domain Name and Press Get IP to Retrun IP Address for your Entered Domain Name

SSL Checker

with SSL Certificate Checker Online you can Get all Information about the SSL Certificate for any Domain Like issue Date Cipher Suite Issuer of Certificate and more About the SSL/TLS Protcol for Securing the Communication

IP Location Finder

You Can Find the Geographical Location Info for any IP Address

Whois LookUP

Whois Service Lookup you can use it to get all Information about any Domain Like Server name,Domain Status,Registrar,Creation Date,Creation Update and more

Hash Function

Hashing Encryption Service to Get Hash Value for Text with Strong Hash Functions Such SHA512 , SHA256 , MD5 and more

Password Generator

Password Generator tool to Genrate Random Strong Password to Protect Important Accounts

Password Strength Checker

Password Strength Checker tool to Mesure your Password Strength and detremine Password weeknesses

Cryptography Courses

Here You can Find Best and Updated List of Cryptography online courses

Important Links For Cryptography

Important Cryptography Organizations


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