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How to use free File Encryption-Decryption Service

1- Select Your File With Maximum size 20 Mega Byte

2-Select Encryption Function with keyLength

3- Enter the Password You Want and Then Press Encrypt

Your file will be encrypted and Download to your device again at once. You Can Protect any type of Files with AES Encryption Algorithm, with 128,192 and 256 Key Length and PBE (Password Based Encryption) function and CBC MODE. with our File Encryption Service your Files is safe from save any copy on our servers. You Must Decrypt the files Encrypted with our service in our File Decryption Service.

We Use PBE (Password Based Encryption) Mechanism .Thats Mean Your Password Part of Encryption Key ,So using Strong Password is Important Part of Secure your Files.

Strong Password Containing Numbers,Upper Cases,LowerCase and Symbols with Minimum 12 Length

Terms And Definitions


It is an acronym Advanced Encryption Standard It is one of the most important and latest symmetric encryption algorithms, which depends in its principle on block encryption. It is also one of the most widely used encryption algorithms in the world. The algorithm, which is indispensable for many technological applications, is one of the most important standard specifications in the fields of information security. Many standard and specific IT applications rely on AES algorithm As an essential component for example the Internet security standard IPsec, the secure shell network protocol SSH (Secure Shell), the Wi-Fi encryption standard IEEE 802.11i, Transfer Layer Security (TLS)and More of several applications and technologies. After the DES algorithm has expired it is also one of the symmetric encryption algorithms, whose interpretation was broken by a brute force attack. The American National Institute for Measurement and Technology searched for an alternative to this algorithm in 1999. And in the year 2000, the Rajindal algorithm, which was invented by Belgian cryptographers, was adopted. Thus, the American National Institute for Measurement and Technology announced the birth of the AES algorithm, which is the name given to the Rajindal algorithm. Thus, the AES algorithm, with its three keys lengths 128, 192, and 256, became the most widely used symmetric encryption algorithm.

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Block encryption can be described in a simple way, the process of dividing the data to be encrypted into blocks of a specified size, each bit of the block is encrypted at the same time. Of course, this means that the encoding of any bit of Plaintext in a given block depends on each bit of Plaintext in the same block. Most of the block ciphers have a block size of 128 Bit, which is the case with the AES encryption algorithm, or a block size of up to 64 Bit, as is the case with the DES encryption algorithm. The most common use of a block cipher is for computer communications on the Internet. Block cipher algorithms work through a method called Mode. There are five types, and what we use during the KF-Cipher encryption service is CBC, which is an acronym Cipher Block Chaining. The CBC work mechanism comes by making all blocks in a chain so that each block is based on the next block. This mechanism is also used at the same time randomly by using initialization vector (IV).

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Hash Function:

In the case of sending an encrypted message or an encrypted file over the Internet or any means of communication to transfer data, the urgent need is to verify the identity of the sender of this message, as well as to ensure that the content of the message or file has not been tampered with during the transmission process through the communication channel used, as well as to ensure that it reaches the right party. Here comes the essential role of Hashing which can be summed up in words Integrity, Confidentiality and Authentication. The use of encryption using Hashing has become widespread and is used in many areas of data transmission and protection, for example encrypting an email, digital signatures, connecting to an HTTPS Website, connecting through IPSEC or SSH and more. There are many algorithms Hashing functions such as MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-3, and BLAKE2

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PBE (Password Based Encryption):

It is the process of using a user-entered password as part of an encryption key, a function primarily used with symmetric encryption algorithms and depends on the work of a mixture of hashing function, Passwords and initialization vector (IV).