Cryptography and Data Encryption Best Online Tutorials

In the era of information and communication we live in today, not a day goes by without dozens, if not hundreds, of electronic transactions involving the exchange and transfer of data. This includes applications like WhatsApp or Messenger for chatting and sending messages, logging into social media platforms to share your daily activities, attending meetings through video conferencing applications, making online purchases from various e-commerce websites, and conducting money transfers through banking applications. These daily electronic transactions are difficult to quantify, but they have become an integral part of our lives. However, with the increasing number of daily data exchanges, there are also growing risks to your personal data and finances. The danger can even reach you directly as an individual. With the extensive digital presence surrounding us, there is a strong need to secure and protect our data through various means. This led us to the world of cybersecurity and information protection. Of course, the field of cybersecurity encompasses various sciences and branches, but our focus here is on the most crucial factor in cybersecurity—cryptography. You use cryptography daily, dozens or even hundreds of times, in all your daily electronic applications.

But what is cryptography? What are the various applications of data encryption that we use daily? How is encryption used, and what encryption algorithms are used in different data security applications? How are encrypted messages exchanged, whether over the internet or different networks? How do hackers and network intruders deal with encrypted data, and what are the methods of attacking encryption systems? These questions may be swirling in your mind about the science of data encryption and its uses. Perhaps it goes beyond mere curiosity, and you're considering entering this beautiful yet dangerous world. You might even have the intention to become a specialist in this crucial field in our contemporary cyber world. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss the most important resources available on the internet to start learning about entering the world of encryption, its applications, and techniques.

Currently, cryptography holds a significant position in the field of information security and data protection, especially with the widespread use of information technology in various aspects of life such as banking transactions, electronic signatures, Internet of Things, voice and video communications, healthcare, and business management applications like sales, marketing, human resources, and customer service. It also plays a crucial role in securing data in military and government sectors. There has been a growing market for data encryption applications, leading to increased job opportunities in the field of information security and cryptography. In light of this, we will review the most important blogs on the internet that publish educational tutorials in the field of cryptography.

in this Article we Collect the Most Best Tutorial for Beginners, who's Want to Start Study Cryptogrphy and their Applications as important Branch of Cybersecurity.all Tutorials Collected from Best Educationals websites Around the Cybersecurity world.Note all tutorials free.

Now let's begin exploring the list of lessons on cryptography, which we have carefully curated from various important sources and specialized websites in this field. Here is the list:

1 - Cryptography Introduction

website :geeks for Geeks

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2 - Unit 2: Cryptography

website:Khan acadmy

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3 -Cryptography and Network Security Tutorial

website : Guru99

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4 - Cryptography Tutorial

website : tutorialspoint

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5 - Cryptography Tutorial

website : Simplilearn

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6 - Cryptography Tutorial for Beginners

website : MindMajix

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7 - Cryptography Tutorial

website : Great Learning

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8 -Cryptography Definition

website : JAVA tpoint

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9 - Cryptography Tutorials - Herong's Tutorial Examples

website : herongyang

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10 -Introduction to Cryptography

website : GPGTools Support

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11 - Learn the basics of Cryptography - Tutorial

website : GoLinuxCloud

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12 - Cryptography: Unlocking the Secrets of Cryptography

website : net-informations

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These lessons provide a strong foundation for entering the world of cryptography and have been carefully selected from various reputable sources and specialized websites. and Now let Me Say Good Luck